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Test Valley Custom and Hotrod Show

As seen in issue 218 of 100% biker





Now I have been asked the question “so how do you know which events to write up on and how do you start?”  a few times this year, so it seems the right time to answer.

Well a lot depends if I have been asked to attend where I will always do my best, and also if it’s a happy event, it’s always better to write about events I have felt good about. The Test Valley Show is definitely in the feel good factor.

As to how do I start, well often my head picks up on various things on the way there of back, the longer the ride the more convoluted this can be. So for the Test Valley Custom Bike and Hotrod Show held at the Weyhill fair pub a couple of options came up.

One mentioning Serendipity, as I was not expecting to get out and about on the weekend, being a bit skint from a great year of rallies and it was a last minute decision to go, and how I was jolly glad I did. Another thought was to mention about the fact a fair used to be held near the site for around 800 years, which is similar to the fair atmosphere that was on the day, I am not sure that people were selling wives anymore though.

What surprised me more than anything was this was the Savages MC first event, and the whole event was set up so well and relaxed that you would have thought they were old hands at it, and all the visitors were regulars. With neatly separated bikes, cars , party area  and camping it was  great. As well as some very nice bikes on site, there were some cool hotrods too which made an interesting cross over of clientele.

As to the village fair feeling there was a outside bar, and catering including Victory Snack Bar which is in the Bosun top three of rally food emporiums even if we have to put up with spikes abuse, music area and a variety of stalls (no cake!!) including a petting zoo which seemed to have loads of interest in snakes, I kept a fair distance not being a creepy crawly snake type person.

Various musical ensembles provided entertainment, and of a diverse style too which was pleasing, though one young lady managed a falsetto pitch which made many gentlemen of a certain age desperately need a wee, a unique party trick which is probably too much information.

The variety of bikes was also cool, and seemed to be ever changing, which created some problems for the Savages on award presentation, I rather liked the Suzuki with a turbo, and the fun looking orange chop, which I believe was winner of best bike.

Vale Speed had their lovely racer also and a great bike that was used in the sideburn dirttrack racing which was owned by one of the savages, who I believe also had the winning chop, it was great to see a diversity in bikes.

I was so glad that I made the last minute decision to go, it really was a gem in this years busy year of events and one I think will grow such was the great feedback from all present


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