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Having seen a few pics from last years event, I just knew that it was a must to go too and not far from Yoda

So a good excuse to see him, and also he might know the way as only 8 minutes from his house

Mind you this is Yoda we are talking about, luckily his good lady drove so we got there in one piece and no odd music in the car.

Getting there really early I was already amazed at the amount of cool bikes already outside. But then we went inside and even more.

Most styles were reminiscent of the early 70’s style which I would be surprised if few of the riders, or riders parents were around at the time.

Yes it was good to see so many younger riders all having a great time.

The music and vibe of the event also reflected this, with a good cross section of tunes .

While yoda wheeled around madly I had to take some breaks and thankfully lots of seating, and a great coffee stop too.

I was a bit surprised to see a rare as anything k series sportster chop, and a good mix of engines and styles too

Personal favourite, a low and squat knuckle that just begged to be ridden

A great day as you can see from far too many photos

3 albums and a wobbly video