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As you are aware now, organising the members of the 100% Concert party (as we affectionately call the rag tag bunch of free lancers) is very much like herding cats. Thankfully our illustrious leader is good at this and so when the invitation to the The Wild Angels concert with Bike and car show in Kent came out there was a quick shout round:

Blue: “who likes Rock and Roll and wants to go?, I cannot” she quickly added “ as have hands full of 8 week old kittens and they only listen to Country and Western”

Yoda: who’s musical tastes are err unique “I’m off to Merseyside for some baroque gangman style techno” I did warn you.

Del: “like groovy man but it’s not Jazz you cool cats”

Tony: “Pardon cannot here over this death metal”

Me pulling myself of previous day’s death bed at the words Rock and Roll: “Where’s Kent”

And that’s how you found me and my grandson Alfie, on one of the hottest days of the year, heading to the venue, but to make it fun we did a planned detour over the Sheppey Bridge as never done it and it’s a cool looking bridge.

Venue found and we joined the row of bikes next to an interesting Triumph T140/Yamaha XS650 hybrid, a warm greeting from Ian Maggs and headed upstairs to the gig. An impressive turn out for a hot Sunday and the bar was flowing and the first band was Johnny and the Time bombs who are always fun.

Now Alfie only being 11 is still forming his musical style, but he loves drumming and is in his school band, so it’s time to introduce him to the delights of real rock and roll. But his main wonder was how the rockers managed quiffs and to keep their hair up like that, even in a stifling hot venue. But he did lust after the drum kit and thought it odd I knew the words to lots of the songs but didn’t appreciate my singing.

The venue also had a few traders this associated rocker nik naks, and a very handy outide area for cooling down.As the group finished the café racer trophy was decided and given to a rather tasty Triumph tiger.

Unfortunately we missed the main act, The Wild Angels, a band that have been around since 1967 as the heat was hitting us both and so we made our fond farewell,  well done Ian a great way to spend an afternoon.