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Along with Chopper club events, Triumph Owners Club events also have great relaxed shows with cool bikes. The fact I have a soft spot for triumphs also helps though there is always a great variety of bikes and usually they are casual.

Now in its second year at their new venue, this is the 25th show the West Sussex guys have put on and with the sunshine it was already rammed when I got there with space at a premium. I sneaked my bike behind the control tent and hoped for the best.

Within seconds of arriving I was asked if I would do some judging, oh joy I thought as a pen and paper were thrust in my hand, I thought I was going incognito today in a natty blue Hawaiian shirt .I then got caught chatting to folk as is the norm. While we were drooling over a veteran excelsior and Rickman Suzuki I was reminded of my judicial duties and so strolled around a bit, scribbled down ideas and tried to make them legible. It wasn’t until later I found I was the only judge, but I must have done ok as I wasn’t lynched and no   major groans. Being biased on triumphs also made judging difficult and I cannot recall all but I know the excelsior, a lovely triumph chop, a BSA and Daves Howes triumph all won a trophy, while visitors choice went to the lovely speed twin with chair.

With so many events on in the local area it became a bit of a transient show as folk headed off all over the place, but for me I love this as it is when bikes become alive and you can never get the sounds and smells on a static bike. The awards and raffle were undertaken very afternoon, which was good as the heat was getting to many (and me).

A fab afternoon.