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On any Sunday is a fine documentary film about motorcycle racing in the USA starring Steve McQueen self-confessed motorcycle enthusiast and Triumph fan, though in the film on a husquavarian.


Here in the UK on any Saturday or Sunday there can be found gatherings of motorcycles around this fair island. And lots of them like Triumphs, so on this sunny Saturday I headed to West Sussex to the West Sussex Triumph Owners Club 22nd Classic and Custom Show, no racing for me I like a sedate pace.


The fact the village of Dragons Green is near the rather fine Shipley Windmill (as seen in Jonathon Creek) has nothing to do with it of course, Bosun whistles innocently and shuffles his feet.


The George to the dragon is a fine 19th century pub, which includes a pigsty in the rear and with the quirky sort of history that villages are renowned for.  


In the front garden there is a gravestone, of the albino, epileptic son of a former innkeeper, who killed himself after being accused of petty theft. The grave is in the church but the gravestone was removed by the vicar, apparently because of the final line of the inscription, “In loving memory of Walter, the Albino son of Alfred and Charlotte Budd. Born February 12th 1867. Died February 19th 1893. May God forgive those who forgot their duty to him who was just and afflicted” which he thought was derogatory to him. So the parents put the memorial in their pub garden as the pub is a free house and they owned the land.


Better than that was a welcome sign for motorcyclists outside the pub, although many still sailed past, but amazingly not me. With such a sunny day soon the carpark was heaving with bikes of all sorts from Rays rather splendid Guzzi chop which has been following me around this summer (and won best chop and engineering), to Jims rather tidy ST400 Café racer (also a winner) and a superb and rare as rocking horse teeth 1968 Kawasaki W based on a BSA (winner best foreign).


The fabulous weather probably brought out more than the usual number of bikes but no complaints about that. And I even got several invites to events in 2016 For me the bike of the day, as I do like quirky was the Harley Deiselson with an engine from a bit of industrial machinery.  So wrong it was just right, now if only I knew my way around a set of spanners I would love to build something similar.

The party was carrying on late into the evening but I had heard rumours of lawn mower racing nearby so I went to investigate, and that’s what I did.