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So what happened when Bosun tried to ride a trike

Now I was preparing a full report on my ride of the Demo Harley Davidson  Triglide at Guildford,but unfortunately things did not go quite to plan.... so dear reader a different resume The Ultra Triglide is powered by the new project Rushmore engine, all 106Cui (1690cc in old money) and has been a model that folk have been asking to come to the UK for a while

Prior to the demo ride after a quick chat and signing the test ride form I was given  a video to watch of how to ride the trike and shown round the trike.

first verdict very nice all round, one of my pet hates is exhaust routing on trikes but this is very neat, the seating is nice but wasn't so keen on wing mirrors, as all could see was elbows.

Thankfully the rain had eased off to I familiarised myself with the controls, the linked brakes, the hand brake, and reversed the trike into the car park and headed out. Switching the infotainment unit off as who needs music with a Vtwin?

Left turn onto the main road .. mmm that was wider than thought, remembering the video and all I have read and seen, drive the trike. So at the roundabout I thought I would head straight on and try another corner in a minute. with a clear road I thought let's move up to second gear making sure I was nicely centred in the middle of the road .

Now I really do not know what happened next but I was by now heading up over the kerb and over the verge. Bother I exclaimed as I had no control whatsover with the grass giving no grip and brambles and twigs whacking my face giving me a nosebleed.. Thank goodness for a small tree eventually stopping the trike, unfortunately also breaking the front fairing and bits of the trike. I was still sat in position wondering what had happened.

Some kind lorry drivers stopped and offered to help, one wondered if I was turning left, odd when heading straight on. so I walked back to the dealership who sent out the rescue party (well the Landdrover)  but at first they couldn't find it  as it had gone too far down the bank.

Thankfully the trike was still rideable and they recovered it back.

The dealership were great and couldn't have helped me more. But I have to saw with paying the insurance excess it was the most expensive half mile I have ever ridden.

I then headed back to Milly and  splashed home as the weather worsened, splashing through floods that just stunk of sewerage, what a way to end my day..

My good lady thinks I am a plonker, I will second that

I think I shall stick to 2 wheels now