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On a day where rocks in the pockets was needed and with showers that were only just on the slightly lighter than biblical, it was only right to head off to north Kent and support the Tsunami Riders Mcc and their 11th Wave Custom Show.

Quick look at the flier, aww they have a cute animal rescue group there, and at The Ship, so off I head, thankfully I double checked, as it was not “The Ship” it used to be at but thankfully not so far away, maybe it is compulsory that waves and ships go together. The new village also used to have a windmill so this helped draw me in like a magnet.

With an evil cross wind and rain squalls I tacked my way there and despite the crew frantically battening down the hatches as the wind was causing havoc there was the usual friendly welcome by Pops, Tony and the crew.

The new venue is cracking, easy to find and with a good-sized carpark a great patio area for watching bikes coming in and out, good food, huge jumbo hotdogs seemed to be a favourite if not just for the innuendo about large sausage.

The locals were very friendly too. It was interesting that when an elderly local asked me what was going on, and I explained bike show etc, he then said must call friends to come down as they are bike mad. There was also a band who were playing away inside the pub, but easily heard on the patio, which the locals also seemed to be enjoying, this shows what a good venue they have found.

A few stalls were set up including the pet rescue which had ferrets and snakes which were not for me, but a cute owl was star of this show. The size of the carpark made it deceptive as to how many bikes were there, especially considering it had easily swallowed up several very large trikes.

A fresh out of the shed desert camouflage style Kawasaki had some nice touches, there was a tough as nails bandit while a knucklehead oozed antique charm.

Watching the weather, the lure of another nearby mill dragged me away, and the scenic route seemed to dodge the worse of the oncoming wet.

Another great and friendly day out, well done to all who braved the weather.