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A schoolboy error as we all know is a simple error that we make that is so stupid we instantly feel stupid, whistle nonchantly, shuffle feet and try and make it look like it was meant to happen.

For example these can include riding off with a disc lock on your bike/sidestand down, putting sugar not salt on your chips (don’t ask wasn’t nice) or in days of old spending ages photographing an event only to find no film in the camera. Having ridden bikes for 35 years now and taken photographs for lot, lot, lot longer you would think that such errors would be way behind me, oh poor deluded reader you do not know me so well .Nowadays  I do not have film in my camera but a memory card, and the camera has more settings than I know what to do with them, so when I thought I had taken lots of photographs at the Tsunami Riders 5 Custom Show only to find I had a mass of black photos as both cards and settings wrong , I said bother under my breath and waddled around the show again.

However  there are worse ways of spending a sunny June afternoon than looking at motorcycles, more once in this case, than  while listening to a rather good band.

The biggest crowd of the day went to a mad as a box of frogs bike which the owner had only finished that morning. A Suzuki 600 frame held a 1200 bandit engine, with Yamaha r1 suspension and Ducati wheels, and because the owner always had a hankering for a supercharger on a vehicle a supercharger from a Mercedes car. The smile on his face did not ease off all day, and he was awarded with best custom and best in show,

Around the rest of the show it was back to the 70/80’s with some great proper choppers including an oversized 750 Honda with a mass of hand turned spikes arriving late to the party though so missing out on awards was the bike I would have loved to ride off on, a BSA with an eclectic mic of parts and modern end can, which made a great sound and was just fun looking.

Winner of best classic was a jubilee Bonneville with lipstick graffiti which was fun. Best chop to the yellow and blue Kawasaki with a loud exhausts and trike was the big v8 monster.