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Ah Easter when we normally consider  spring flowers, the thoughts of warmer days and  chocolate the reality this year snow, sleet and sub zero temperatures, and most of this as I rode round the motorway to Chislehurst and the Tsunami Riders Let loose Rally.

Despite the cold there was a very warm welcome by the rally goers as they prepared to head out on a Easter Egg run to a couple of local children's homes where while delivering eggs and cakes warming tea was found. it was a bit too cold for most of the children to visit the bikes and trikes, and a bike riding rabbit scared a few but it was a fun ride (and well marshalled) ride around Bromley and surrounding areas. I kept well in the middle having no idea of where I was half the time. the last of the eggs given to a local hospital.

The only other  time I have been to Chislehurst was on a bike club run to the caves there, the caves have a very mixed history and include being used as a hospital and a rock venue a return visit with my good lady is on the cards as she has a fascination about large dark holes in the ground. The caves however are at a constant 10'C all year round and there was a very tempting thought to head there to warm up.

But we were soon back at the rugby club site and I was very impressed by the amount of traders present and a doughnut van on site ... mmmm doughnuts  and so it was time to wander around.

a good cross section of bikes and trikes from a well painted sportstser (with dragons and girls, who thought that style was gone) to matt black rat bikes. the bike I would have wanted to ride home was the Suzuki streetfighter/chop which just looked so right.

for those not huddled in the bar and listening to a one man rockabilly band (yes he was asked where the other band members were ) silly games helped keep young and old warm. there was equicheating by all competitors. Eggspecially on the egg and spoon race although the younger children played very diligently.

Folk were still arriving for the evening's entertainment as I bade my farewells (I do not do very cold camping)  and headed back around a sunny and snowy motorway to another party close to home. Next year Easter is a lot later in April so you never know I may even consider staying.



As seen in issue 350 BSH