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Article in issue 213 of 100% biker


Rye is one of the five cinque ports  in Kent, which in days of yore were meant to supply ships and men to the sovereign when needed and to thank them for this often a blind eye was laid down to misdemeanours often taking place in the town. This included such activities as smuggling and public houses like the mermaid inn and the old bell were well known haunts for smugglers who allegedly used the passages beneath.

As many of the ports have silted up, or the sea has washed away harbours these titles have become ceremonial rather than official, but still there were shenanigans and dodgy dealings afoot. It was never really grown as a town and now relies heavily on tourism. Nowadays the Harbour side at Rye is a popular meeting place for motorcycles, with an excellent fish and chip shop opposite and all under the shadow of a windmill.

So when a party was announced at V twin Motorcycles in Rye it seemed a fine excuse to attend. The option of free beer too, though I believe this was purchased not smuggled, seemed also to bring many a folk along including a group of mutineer riders who were ex smugglers.

The fact it was scorching hot really helped too by the time I reached the event parking was limited and people were happy sunning themselves and toe tapping to a Cajun band,  just the perfect atmosphere I will even let them off having an accordion, as like bagpipes there should also be a warning for accordions. Being a custom shop there were some rather pleasing to the eye customs, I personally loved the black chop with Buell front end. Many old and well used products from the workshop were on display outside On the work bench was also the start of a rather neat café/brat style project which will be interesting to see when completed, with only some bodywork attached it was tempting to guess the guess the direction it was taking.

Days like this lend to relaxing, I have absolutely no idea how many people were there as being sunny it becomes transient as people go to play in the sunshine, it would I think happily beat the 750 who were expected a superb way to have a birthday party. Well done V twin