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Winter, whether you look at it meteorological December, January and February, or astrologically December 21 to March 21 is a poor place to be for a motorcyclist. Well unless you’re a clever sort who knows one end of a spanner from another building pretty bikes for us in the summer shows when a warm garage wins.

The days are too short, ice and slush make it err interesting  and riding around like the Michelin man is not too much fun, but grabbing the odd day out when you can recharge the batteries.

Looking around for something to do at the weekend as February draws to a close  I stumbled across the Weymouth International Beach Races well that sounds different I said to my good lady, and so before I had had a chance to make a cup of tea  I heard a yell, I have booked a guesthouse and so all planned.

Weymouth is a well-known tourist destination on the Dorset Jurassic coast, and has lots going on including randomly Cromwell re-enactment people walking around the crowds, and in the summer a busy bike night on the quayside. It was host to the Olympic sailing regatta in 2012 and has a cool observation tower which revolves. But we were not down for such niceties I needed a petroleum fuelled fix, and this was provided in spades on the seafront and spectators had a great view anywhere along the esplanade.

Now this is not my normal sort of motorcycle do, but it has to be said standing in the sunshine looking out to sea and watching people launch bikes of manmade obstacles was great fun, and I could happily have stood there all day. However no one told the weatherman, for although it was sunny and dry, a biting easterly wind was picking the sand up and blasting all spectators and competitors until I had felt as though I had lost 3 layers of skin, and my eyes were watering full of grit.

This wind did not however dull the enthusiasm of the racers who ranged from Juniors in the morning to adults in the afternoon who gave it their all. I soon found the best place to stand to see the crashes and disasters but as in all sport I was pleased to see all had no injuries.

As well as the racing there was a variety of food stalls and displays, a bar that is a bus and the RAF band so once out the wind lots to look around.

Would I try it, well first of all with my short legs I doubt I would get up on the bikes, or if I  could guarantee I would fall off, so I admired anyone who managed even one lap.

Ok I admit it I would fall off a lot and a Bosun doesn’t bounce as well as he did.

On Sunday, amazingly after a great night in town, with no hangover it was time for the quads which although I thought would be tamer were just as good fun.

Since finding this event I have found out that many other places do beach racing including Margate, Skeyness and Weston-Supermare so if you need a reason to get a petrol fix during the cooler months check it out

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