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Now one of the usual sayings I hear when I arrive at a venue, after “oh bother it’s him again” “£5 and park over there” (yes we do pay our way) or “you would turn up at the opening of an envelope” is “you have been getting out and about a bit haven’t you” and it is true. I am lucky enough to have a very understanding good lady and in the South East there have been so many events on, although I haven’t managed all, some good riding weather this year and I have been having a blast on my new bike.

However some of these people who tell me I have been getting about a bit have also been at the same events, and this is certainly true of members of the West Sussex Bikers who seem to have been everywhere.

The West Sussex Bikers have certainly been active this year and organised not only a successful egg run and a memorial ride for the victims of the Shoreham air show disaster which was a very moving event. But they have now grown up from a group of bikers having fun to an MCC club..

The latest in the series of 2015 events is their own ride in bike show which has been organised for some time and felt as though It had been upgraded to a full on celebration of their new status.

Blessed with glorious autumnal weather for a week it seemed as though every biker in Sussex decided to attend as bikes were parked everywhere and there was a steady stream of bikes vying for space. This has it seems been a common occurance this year as many events I have been too have been busy, and positively with lots of younger riders, maybe it’s the sunshine, but who knows.

One of the best points of the venue was a rather convenient  brick wall, a drink a burger, sunshine and a perch to watch the world go by just perfect. Add to this lots of chat to folk about a possible project I have in mind and it was just right.

I had been asked to be one of the judges and there were some nice simple categories, best everyday bike, best trike, best custom, best in show and best rat/survival. It was however not so easy a choice as there have been some cracking builds this year, and they were all in the carpark. Best everyday ride was a main challenge, I like the idea of this award as it makes people who just modify rather than seriously customise their bike feel included, but each time I thought that I had found a bike that would win so the bike and owner rode off at one point I would have given it to a used and abused scooter which looked fun.

In the end it was won by a rather tidy Rocket 3 which also won land ladies choice. Ratbike to the black sportster, best chop Jims very tidy Triumph and best in show Rays Motoguzzi. Think the trike was the boom trike but no one was sure as voting was by bike number.

With witch from Cherry Bomb radio providing music during the day and a band at night I left the crowd to party on, I look forward to their next event.