Ali Bongo's MCC

"Show us your Bongo's Show" Sept 2nd

Now I really want to tell you about my journey home, but no doubt you all want to know about the Ali Bongo’s “Show us your Bongo’s” custom show and party.

Held on the windiest day so far known to mankind, but we had had no warnings from Michael fish so all must be OK, so not unlike a galleon on full sail we tacked our way to the vale of Evesham.

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It was not magic that this was a fantastic do, I would think though the Bongo’s should change their name to “Smiley Bongo’s” as that’s what they were always doing.

A very friendly greeting, and we hit the bar early while we awaited the wind to die down before attempting erections (Tents… tssch the mind of some people) most were eventually put up, 3 full erections and a flaccid, which was splinted) and a good afternoon was had by all then I had my journey home (don’t skip pages ED)

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Oh bother, so to continue, the afternoon was spent looking at pretty bikes, drinking beer and catching up with friends, if there was a club turnout award I think the “Yodashire massive” should have won it.

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this triumph with hurricane tank seat unit grew on me

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Stevie signing autographs

In a large marquee (which didn’t blow away like the other) we were entertained by the likes of “Stevie, one man and a mandolin” and “stitch” which we could hear comfortably through the pub toilets, I was dragged there under protest honest  the pub that is not the toilet.

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Brough Tim (who also has the Indian I could sell my soul for) then fired up his bike, what a fantastic sound, and the smell of Castrol R hung for ages, Brilliant. Sorry don’t know all the Bike show results, but Yoda got best trike, and Wierdbeard’s trike got best rat, they were some really cool trophies also.

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“The Beer monsters” rounded off the evening with a superb set, I’m sure the next time we see them it will be in full 70’s glam rock attire. Stevie also joined them for some numbers, I do believe even my toes were tapping.

Yoda is now the proud owner of the Forum Gift, and it does seem to suit him well.

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Late in the early morning, as the generator coughed, spluttered and died I went to snore happily.

Waking quite bright and early I found the recuperative properties of a cup of tea and eventually started to pack up for the way home, even looking at the map first.  But not before helping plough the field, as krammer got stuck on his bike.

Farewells made I ventured onto the queens fair highway.

The wind was still blowing, and I decided to look for smaller roads, the sun was also blinding.

A good start I found the Rollrights stones, some of the oldest Neolithic stones in the UK, well weathered by time, they do have a stately presence.

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  link to more pictures

The bright early feeling then left me, I was almost asleep, coffee and chocolate found I was feeling a bit chipper.

 So then off to Uffington for the White horse, and after a few really twisty roads I found it, currently more of a grey horse, and sadly my pictures didn’t come out, but I shall be back.

So from here it should be an easy trip home, well easy’ish, it would maybe help if I had looked at the map again, as I crossed the m4 twice and the M3 twice, before giving up for the motorway route, well until morpheous hit me again, and I needed redbull and fudge, vaguely awake I got off the motorway and explored areas of Surrey I didn’t even knew existed, using pinball navigation to find my way home (you should have looked at the map you pudding ED) arriving home mid afternoon, and having done an extra 40 unnecessary miles, 

A most excellent show, and agreed by all to be the best show we have been to for ages.

Cheers to the smiley bongos, same again next year????