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As seen in issue 230 of 100% Biker

Thankfully on a “holiday” when I was looking after grandchildren and on a month when it  was still far too far away from payday it was nice to have an event almost on your doorstep, a huge 2.1 miles away in fact and only £2 entrance fee. But the sun was shining and my grandson wanted his first big trip on my bike having previously been round the block. So the 2.1 miles became somewhere around 40 miles trip there and he must love it as he sings all the way (note to self must not get an intercom). I am also teaching him the joys of photography and he thinks I am the coolest grandad so this maybe why when trying to save money Alfie managed to wrangle a leather waistcoat out of me as he wanted one just like mine. Yep Bosuns a big softy really and does spoil the sprogs.

This event was a first for this pub, but something I have noticed more of in recent years where the power of a motorcyclists spending power can help a pub, and not so many are turned away, and there are a few more events springing up. Handily being on the main road between several favourite meeting places in the south the event was very well attended and was quite transient with bikes in and out all afternoon. There were a few stalls, hog roast and bar on site with more in the inn oh and plenty of loos which was a good thought. The only feedback I had was the lack of other stalls, but this is an unknown quantity for a first show, and decent coffee, as sadly the pub machine broke down and there were no other options.

The quantity of bikes did cause problems with the way the show was laid out as it was difficult to know show bikes from public, but we still had to make a visitor choice. I left this task to young Alfie who could not decide upon two bikes but when the big green chop left (he would choose every green bike) it was left to pick Dave How’s triumph as his favourite and ultimately this bike won best in show.

Sadly I cannot tell you other winners as the pleasant weather and the nudges of “can we ride some more” meant I was soon buzzing off with my own on-board sound system to some of the other local events. There are already plans for next year, and I can see with a few tweaks that this will be an awesome event.

two albums of photos