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Photographs and Reports from Various  rallies ,shows and events I attend mainly motorcycle events but being a petrol head, especially old vehicles and customs, loving live music and exploring this Sceptre’d isle, you will find an eclectic mix of pictures. From bikes, cars, steam engines, aircraft and the occasional windmill.

I have had reports and Photographs published in 100% Biker ,Back Street Heroes, Street Fighters,  American V, In the Wind and other motorcycle publications.

I am always looking for new events to attend

(sorry I cannot attend all)

So please feel free to drop me a line of any events

Tickets always welcome

Ian “Bosun”                                  

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Photographs are reduced in size please contact if you require copies

 Invites and details of  further 2019  events always  welcome  

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Bosuns Bike bonanza April 13 2019

Pic of week

Great Fantic seen at Boxhill

Latest News
14 Jan
Nice to Drop into Whiteways and a fantastic turnout to say farewell to Cliff
Lots of 2019 events added
12 Jan
Just a trip around local lanes and Boxhill but great to be out

8 Jan
Three articles in issue 242 of 100% Biker out
Ultimateaddons mobile phone holder review

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