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Photographs and Reports from Various  rallies ,shows and events I attend mainly motorcycle events but being a petrol head, especially old vehicles and customs, loving live music and exploring this Sceptre’d isle, you will find an eclectic mix of pictures. From bikes, cars, steam engines, aircraft and the occasional windmill.

I have had reports and Photographs published in 100% Biker ,Back Street Heroes (BSH), Street Fighters,  American V, In the Wind and other motorcycle publications.

I am always looking for new events to attend

(sorry I cannot attend all)

So please feel free to drop me a line of any events

Tickets always welcome

Ian “Bosun”                                  

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Photographs are reduced in size please contact if you require copies

Invites and details of  further 2022  events always  welcome  

Please check event organisers web-pages if travelling long ways

I will amend my list as much as I can

Events 2022 Listing

Latest News

27 June
Before a family trip to norfolk a pootle around to a local meet and Rykas

Due to current cost of things I may have to have a quiet few days but we shall see

23 June
A lovely evening in Brighton with a few like minded souls

20 June
Thankfully the bad weather stayed off, so drops into Krispey Kreme and Boxhill

18 June
And impressed as repaired website laptop care of internet and auction site for £15. Photos of Alton Bike night now online

 Latest Published Articles/photos

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Even more updates to 2022 Listing

Please keep those ideas coming

Boxhill 14 May

Cranley Bike day May

Musos on Bikes

Pinewood custom show

compton bike night

Breach of the peace rally

The Big Knock

Jubilee Weekend

Brooklands VMCC Summer social

Bad Wabbits Shindig

Mono Motorcycles Custom show

Alton Bike Night 15 June

boxhill 18 and 19 june

Krispey Kreme June

Brighton June 22

Slinfold, Rykas and around