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As seen in Back street Heroes issue 409

Some of the most influential films franchises of recent years, well if you call 1979 recent, was Mad Max a series of 3 films which created a post apocalyptic wasteland world which helped launch to the world the idea of the survival style bikes and cars.

In 1985 following the arrival of  Mad Mad 2 Back Street Heroes created the superb Future Bike and dedicated a couple of issues to survival bikes and future bikes, with Rich King also giving us an idea of the motorcycle of the future may look which has to be said isn’t far off the Honda 750 and super scooters we have now.

Over the years those creators of survival style vehicles have become more and more creative and possibly more impractical should there ever be such a scenario in reality. One of the lines that was in the original magazine I recall suggested that survival bikes should have a kickstart something I do believe in, and a rat bike and survival bike are very different. But I often wonder if in reality there would be more a clamour for bicycles and horses as fuel would be impossible, but let’s not spoil the fantasy.

In the states there is a big role playing weekend for Mad Max fans out in the deserts and now for the first time there was one being held in the UK at a disused airfield in middle England. With dire warnings of “dress up or be dressed up” the last few months have seen me scouring the internet and charity shops for stuff which suits and stuff which fits and will be ok for a September day.

 Never being one for Role Playing (stop sniggering at the back) I was certainly interested in how seriously people took the event. and it has to be said very serious was the answer.

Arriving on the Friday through the badlands of the M25  I was escorted to the site by the guards, and what a cool site, and asked to hide my shiny thing in a corner. and the Apocolypta site  think a cross between a western fortress made of metal and Barter town from MM3. The site was a hive of activity with lumps of metal being thrown everywhere or being created into crazy vehicles. There was also a cool bombed out tank superb.

As was to be expected this event brought out many of the rat bike aficionados, some travelling 500 miles from the north of Scotland which is impressive for a first event.  amongst several cool cars were a v12 roadworthy and drag strip ready which was uber cool, and a guy who had converted a modern Lexus to look similar to a v8 interceptor.

The Friday was mainly getting to know everyone, and adapting outfits, and several choices of drinks and dance areas meant Saturday morning brought some thick heads so what better than a 20 mile drive/ride to Jack Hill cafe for brunch. certainly a great way to turn heads.

With all the cool stuff around there were little dioramas here there and everywhere. With making of all sorts of stuff too I loved the scary teddy bears with real skulls.

The whole atmosphere was fantastically friendly and  the party went on late into the evening. there is already a buzz about it all happening again next year and you never know by then I may have something suitable to ride too.

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