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As seen in issue 233 of 100% Biker


I have to admit it has been a few years (2015) since I have been to Kickback at Stoneleigh Park so when Mistress Blue asked the Dynamic duo to attend, who am I to say no. Besides Yoda had been getting stir crazy and had informed me that like a butterfly emerging to the world he had a brand new spangley look to show me. For those of you who know our Brummie friend this didn’t surprise me, but I was concerned that he had tried to chrome himself and add diamonte.

Kickback the brainchild of Lorne Cheetham, bills itself as an independent, grass-roots motorcycle exhibition dedicated to street customs, modified classics and mainly DIY shed builds. But always has a great mix of styles and tastes from the current craze for cubs to brat, classic and chops of all styles. It really is a great showcase for all that is good about the current custom bike scene.

Now you are asking what Yoda had done that he was so excited about, well it wasn’t quite chromed, but his “Yodavator” has been expertly painted by Dan at Outlaw Kustom Paint and was almost an exhibit in itself. With added disco lights it’s quite a sight so I donned my best sunglasses to avoid the glare and dashed after him.

Their next event is Cheltenham Festival of Bikes on 8-9th September 201