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Now in its second year, and again blessed with nice weather this show is already proved popular; the fact of being on a main route between two very popular motorcycle meeting places also helps. There was plenty of advanced advertising and with the event promising to take the extra step up from the previous show it was very busy when I arrived at midday. Some of the improvements were evident on arrival with good marshalling and a better located parking area for families in cars opposite.

However an early start at 11am also makes it a very transient show as visitors pop in rather than stay, with the lure of open road calling. And so there was a pronounced ebb and flow in the bike park. There was a £2 entry fee for visitors and £5 for people to show the bike, and this may have put a few folk off from displaying their bikes, it certainly did put a few folk off entering the event. But those bikes on show were quality and were a mix from Jap 4’s to Harleys, A10 BSA’s and several triumphs.

It’s a very long day though and by the time the awards were given at gone 4 only a few diehards were left. Even I had popped out and come back. Each visitor through the gate had a vote and in the end it was Dave Howes “all the fun of the fair” which won best overall as well as best paint. A neat Harley won best custom and American, while Jim’s lovely triumph won best engineering and old school custom. There were a few stalls and BBQ and drinks, with the pub providing live music, full meals and beer if so required. It was also a great time to catch up with lots of friends.

For me it’s great to have a show almost on my doorstep, especially after a long day the day before but following chats with people there I think that to move this show to the next level for future years it may need to consider a few small changes.

For paying for a show it needs to be clear if the money is going to a charity as people are more inclined to enter.

£25 for a trader stalls possibly put some off as a few more may have helped.

I heard a few folk not realise the pub was so close by, possibly a sign would help “Bar/Music etc” would help visitors.

Make prize giving earlier with maybe a note “show open 11-4 Bike show 12-3 prize giving at 3” may bring more bikes in to the contest

There was no seating in the bike park, which for those exhibiting made waiting harder.

But these are only minor things and it was a good day out the guys and girls at the inn on the green worked hard all day and their hard work showed off, this really could soon be one of those big events to attend, certainly would be a good venue for regular bike nights too.