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So how do you attract Bosun to your motorcycle soiree when there are so many events on in the South East there are 8 simple suggestions?

1. Send me a flier and ask me if available.  

2. Cake, Cake is always good.

3. New events are always good and I try to vary areas.

4. Windmills nearby help.

5. Custom bikes/cars and classics are what I love.

6. Unusual place names help as I love adventuring and finding these.

7. Remind me as it’s too easy to double book.

8. Cake did I mention cake.

And so here I am in deepest sunniest Kent at the Medusa WMC Show Us Your Ride event which amazingly hit all 8 of the desired requests. A polite request and a reminder dealt with points 1 and 7 and I knew 5 would be covered by the name of the event. Although I have been to the event before, this is a new venue (good job I checked) and I hadn’t been to Kent so far this year which sorted point 3.

Fulfilling points 4 and 6 on route at both Chillenden and Sandwich windmills and finding the road sign post for “Ham Sandwich”. I was also made to smile in a simple childish way when I saw posters extolling the virtues of “Sandwich Food Week” which was currently ongoing, and had visions of plates of tuna and cucumber, egg and cress, coronation chicken and corn beef sandwiches piled high.

Wyre musings aside  I then checked in at the fabulously named Frog and orange, (which I do not think had anything to do with the Royal wedding taking place at same time) for the show which was filling up at a great rate.

After a brilliantly smiley welcome, despite the fact I know they had partied hard the night before, I parked up to see the cake stall covering points 2 and 8 and lots of cool bikes happy happy days . With more local bike clubs than you can shake a stick at and a good smattering of NCC bikes too there was loads to look at. It was great to see a few friends I haven’t seen in a good year or so. There was a surprising number of Indian motorcycles too, showing how there popularity is increasing even with a main dealers nearby.

Several stalls and tea it was a real family friendly affair and the warm weather seemed many took the option of relaxing to a point of horizontal. And this all the more amazing as it had only been put together in 3 months since finding the venue. and this included a small amount of camping, result even if I wasn’t staying.

The bike show has two classes, those bikes judged by the girls and one by visitors and all bikes had to be ridden up to collect awards, and was done very neatly and promptly with decent rosettes giving people a clue they had won.

Strog won the visitors choice and would have almost been a hard luck story having to rebuild her bike during the week.

Other winners included, a lovely blue bonneville for best classic bike, turbo suzuki for best in show, a xv125 as best under 125, a harley street 750 for best girl bike, a lovely harley cafe racer and a triumph triple for best mens bike.

for me though the bike I would love to ride home was the orange Suzuki chop which I think was one of the local NCC bikes.

There is already talk of improvements for next year, but from what I say it was perfect, a great way to spend a sunny day.