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IThe Predator by Outlaw customs.

Back in the early part of the 20th century Shoreham on Sea in deepest Sussex was the birthplace of the British film industry because of the amount of daylight available. Now this is handy for me, when in deepest December I was asked to drop down to look at Outlaw Customs latest build, as otherwise we would have a whole range of black photos which for a magazine would be as good as ventriloquist on the radio, an odd phrase as “educating Archie” ran on the light service from 1950-1958 though I am too young to remember this.

Outlaw customs run by Brett Dancy has been steadily making a name in the local area with his unique builds, and each have been somewhat different , from fat rear end Monster Max, his signature Outlaw bike with shotgun frame  he has steadily been picking up awards and accolades at some of the shows such as Brightona winning best chop in 2016. It’s nice when someone does not resort to any trend. The latest build is this 124cui (that’s 2 litres) powered chop known as Predator which already has been picking up prizes including best bike in show and Harley at Brightona in 2017 .

With all bodywork done in house, mimicking some of the organic themes from Predator it gives it a spiky edgy look but with swirls reminiscent of the sea we were by. With the wiring on the handlebars neatly tucked away with the light switches incorporated into the handlebar grips.

Now this was never planned to be any other than a full blown custom, so it cannot be said to be the most practical to move around, with its very, very low front mudguard and length also the sharp spike on the cool and loud exhaust which we found out is lethal. However the rear suspension runs on air ride, which means it lifts to a usable  and rideable height.

On the move though it handles well for such a beast, but on the day of the photoshoot due to impending poor weather, and a low battery (someone forgot about the handlebar light switch) we only manoeuvred it to a nearby beach, where it soon drew a small crowd.

The paintwork in 'Candy' Brandy wine was kept simple and has ghost writing that shines out when the sun hits it, was done by a local body shop.

The bike is now for sale to fund his next project and it will be interesting to find out what where Brett goes next.


124" cubic inch TP engine with decompression valves.
TRANSMISSION -Jims 6 speed with overdrive.
DRIVETRAIN - Riviero Primo (dry clutch with 4" open belt)
HAND CONTROLS - by CCS with touch buttons and brake and clutch reservoirs in the handelbars for that clean look.
HANDLEBARS - Handcrafted by Brett at Outlaw Customs (FRAME- Beautifully made tig welded frame with a one off design front and rear fender also built by Brett.
SPRAY JOB - Exceptional spray job in 'Candy' Brandy wine with Metalflake which looks amazing in sunlight.
SEAT - One off hand made seat, again by Brett. This was moulded on the bike before painting with six layers of fibreglass so it fitted on the bike perfectly. It was then cut into its stylish shape and then professionally upholstered.
WHEELS - CNC machined and chrome finished.
TYRES - Venom
HYDRAULICS - Braided stainless steel.