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Those of you of a certain age will remember the theme from Cheers and the fact that “it was a place where everyone knows your name” The same could be said of arriving at the Bad Wabbit Crew Shindig, where it took a good 5 minutes to get off the bike as everyone came up to say hello. Their annual do raising money for good local causes I never mind handing over my fiver to enter.

Mind you many were confused as although I had ridden down most of the way alongside Pete on his cool 69 Triumph chopper (later to win best chop), thoroughly enjoying the cool sound from the pipes and enjoying the sunshine. However, I had drifted off to briefly say hello to friends at another local, do there was no way I was missing the shindig as mother Wabbitt rose kept reminding me at every event we met at and even in Tescos once.

But this is one of the cool things about this event, friendly and relaxed to a point of horizontal and usually sunny. Think village fete with bike show and you will not be far off. I also think my delayed entrance was lucky in that it had meant Paul Milbourn was pressganged into judging, which saved me a task.

The Bad Wabbits Crew while many of them ride bikes they are more a social club, and could and do turn up in such random things as steam engines, which is why I like them so much. Sadly no traction engine this year as last year it blew its boiler and was still being nursed back to health.

During the afternoon, musical entertainment was provided by Johnny who was also celebrating his 65th Birthday that day. He has a unique style and interpretations of songs which also suit the day.

Looking around the field there were certainly a few which I wanted to ride home on and for me the brown kwak chop with net curtain paint (later to win best paint as suited bike so well) was just perfect. Though saying that the very original and well used xs650 which won best rat was a contender.

Thankfully a couple of scooters arrived before prize giving and a lot more after including an original 1980’s chopped Lambretta with Smiths artwork which a few years back won best chop.

Other awards went to the flamed trike and the vintage Harley, and the ultra tall chop. There was a special trophy for Johnny and his birthday, he was almost speechless (almost being the operative word) and totally mad up with it.

Thankfully I didn’t win the name the bear contest as it was enormous and I do not think I had enough bungies onboard.

To round off the afternoon a country fourpiece played until the main party in the evening. Riding back with Pete (who thought I knew the way) I had that warm glow that only a great shindig can give, roll on 2020.