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As seen in issue 247 of 100% biker

I  love late summer/autumn rides the cooler air seems to make the bike purr away nicely and the golden colours give you that happy feeling. On such a morning in the middle of September you find me riding down the A3, past the magnificently reddening maples of the Canadian memorial planting to the warmth of the sun at Port Solent a fantastic feeling after a few weeks of family stuff at weekends.

I think none of you will be surprised to find I got rather lost en-route we just take that as par for the course if there is anyone who would like to donate a motorcycle sat nav to the “Bosun I’m fed up with getting lost fund and want to get there sooner in 2019” (currently standing at £1.06) do feel free.

Here I also found a plethora of motorcycles, sparkling and glinting in the sun, it being the Portsmouth Motorcycle Action Group show held at the Port Solent Marina. The marina being home to some high quality housing and very posh boats with harbour side dining, cinema complex etc...

The event was held on two levels around the southern edge of the marina and there were bikes and trikes everywhere. It was certainly was or seemed one of the bigger one day events I have been too this year, but this could have been the interesting layout. It was also very well signed once at the marina complex and marshalled.

From mahoosive V8 trikes to lots of learner bikers, which is a positive sign for the future, there was lots of choice to feast your eyes upon, in fact I do not think I have seen such a gathering of two strokes from scooters to classic 1970’s Suzuki’s all in one place.

With stalls and club stands on both levels the lower reminding me of walking through a Moroccan souk, it was so crowded; it was very varied from vintage bike clubs, to the local Harley Davidson dealer and stalls of all sorts of biker trinkets. Oddly though I thought the actual MAG stall was a little tucked in a corner which may have been better closer to the entrance highlighting the events going on and the bike show awards. Risking a hernia I tried guessing the weight of a bucket of bike parts, but not being a mechanic I believe I was way out.

 The glorious sunshine though made the event very transient with lots of bikes coming and going and maybe if folk knew there were prizes they may have waited as many potential winners headed off. How the poor crew sorted out show winners I do not know and I’m sorry to say that I was also lured away by the good weather and a chance to put more miles on exploring the coast and countryside.

A good day out well done to all involved at Portsmouth MAG.