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As seen in issue 254 of 100% Biker

Innit to Winnit is not just an appalling television quiz programme hosted by Whale Dinton but a phase meaning that to succeed you must try. Its also the name of a mighty fine event put on by the Chopper Club Sussex where we are always rewarded with some of the best customised motorised bicycles available in the South East of England and further afield.

Trying to arrive incognito failed completely as I missed the entrance to the field (it was big enough) and bounced my way over the lumpy bits of field next to the band and ended up with font row parking watched by everyone.  Mind you the band, a three-piece rock and roll combo who I think were all drawing pensions were rather good and had toes tapping, even if a tussock filled field does not the best dance floor make.

The field is just behind a very welcoming pub and as a real nice change, and maybe a first at any event as normal burgers etc they were doing a paella which seemed to go down well, and the pub garden separate from the show was also a great spot to grab some shade.

As you would expect the field was full of splendid machines, of all styles too, which shows the great variation in our scene now. The Chopper Club trike division were out in force too with the best display of large displacement trikes I have seen in a while. As ever there were lots of friends to say hello too which meant that when James sidled up and said, “would you like to help judge” I had only perused half of the vehicles.

In an amazing display of organisation, James pulled out the official judging pad, with the award titles not only noted on it, but also on previous pages the previous winners, give that man a trophy for extreme organisation.

While some of categories were easy it became very difficult when it came to find non-Chopper Club bikes for awards, but some were still easily chosen such as best in show which was the bike most were cooing over, a tidy BSA with some very subtle accents, fabulous paint job and modifications for everyday use. It certainly was the bike I would have wanted to ride home on, but then there was a hard-tailed FJ with twisted exhaust I loved and the Flat track Triumph but unfortunately you cannot give prizes to everyone. The winners were all given rosettes which helped stall the owners from riding off.

Best engineering went to a hand built diesel rat rod which was quite something and the owner was happily enjoying, showing its grass cutting prowess, thankfully it could be raised for road use. Best car went to an enormous truck, which last year won best in show, but it did stand out from the rest.

Best Street fighter went to a tricked-out V Max, chop to a simple sportster chop, Chopper Club Bike to FJ1200 and best paint to the VW Trike. Landlords choice to the FJ12 as well.

Thankfully I was parked far enough away that when trophies were given there was still room for the vehicles to pass and I do love seeing that the winner’s vehicles are rideable.

Already there are plans for Innit to Winnit 5 as the landlord was enthusiastically inviting all back for 2020.