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2018 review

Well I knew I had been a bit busy, but looking back there are 96 separate events noted on my website. That’s not bad going at almost two larger events a week not mentioning days out for a potter or just having fun; especially as beginning part of the year was shall we say damp.

In between I still have had time for family stuff especially with arrival of new grandson; it’s been fun oh and I also sneaked a second bike into the stable. Though I’m not sure how my Bank Manager thinks about all these weekends of fun, I do have to thank those events which send me passes, tickets and invites.

With a fantastic sunny riding year in the south it’s been good to see so many friends out and about, once again I was blessed with good weather for Bosuns Bike Bonanza and both evenings I went to Brighton check out the events page for the 2019 dates. 

I have been on mass charity rides, rallied a few times (though i have to admit the lure of a tent is diminishing rapidly) and by careful planning managed often to get several events in on one day. Although it’s always a challenge with so much going on in the south east to not offend anyone by not turning up, but I wouldn’t want it any other way.

I have tried to fit in as many new events as I could, of these the party with the Roses and the Burning Budgie were definitely events to recommend along with the NCC Herts Show. I have been lost a lot and often managed to go completely the wrong way (nearly crippling grandson at the end of Norsemen poker run because of this). 2019 could be different with my new satnav holder. Reading bike nights have also been a great find and a fab way to spend summer evenings, and it’s not just Harleys..

It’s also been great to return to a few events I haven’t been too in many years including the Mabon Rally, now back at its spiritual home and Show us your Ride with warm welcomes at both. And I’m still stunned it was 10 years between Ogri rallies.

Admittedly I may do some events differently if I did them again, for example Assenede in Begium was fab, but we would need to explore the area more as we didn’t see enough of the locality, I am looking for a foreign trip for 2019 events. But I cannot say there were any events I haven’t enjoyed. 

Family events meant missing a few of the biggest events in the south The Ace Café Run, Drink Drop and Doss and Brightona but never fear I will be back.   


Could I pick a favourite event from the year? well possibly not, as all had their special moments whether the event, the journey or the friends there.

So for 2019,  the arrival of another grandson for me , but with dates already flooding in,and a huge listing on website, I hope to go to some events further west next year and already have the Dublin and Bideford bike show pencilled in. There are also some more breakfast meets starting up which I hope to attend though I do wish people would check calendars sometime, can we get much more on the 3rd Sunday each month.

I’m also already considering some new to me events a bit further afield, so watch this space. I want to make Cassington and some of the Eastbourne nights too. But I’m always open to ideas so please keep sending me those ideas and if I can I will be there. 

Catch you on the Road soon