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Down on the farm

This rather neat triumph scrambler is the latest creation by Sickboyz Customs based in deepest Surrey and by the time you read this the new owner will happily be hooning around on it.  

Wade owner and main force of Sickboyz Customs is a bit of a Triumph Scrambler fan and despite one trying its best to kill him late in 2016 and breaking his leg in several places which took him over 6 months to get back to his best, he still has his own and several other scrambler builds on the go.

To add to his busy schedule, last year he was seen out supporting just about every show in the South East and a few further afield too but also he found time to organise the custom bike shows at Buster Langs and Brackley motorcycle day. And if that wasn’t chaotic enough he moved premises too. But with full commission books this move of premises has given him extra space, even if spending the time on new builds has reduced the time to create the full emporium he wishes.

But Triumphs are not his only passion as the bikes on the ramps show as there were no two vaguely similar and this this passion I love.

This latest build has many custom touches laid on by Wade, not just the yokes and girder forks, but a whole new rear frame loop, many new brackets and those small touches that make it a true custom. He would much rather manufacture his own spacers, brackets etc. than buy and modify other parts to fit. He is passionate about being custom and not just off the shelf. Hoping that people will look at it and go “where did you get that part from” and having to explain hand built. Even items such as the mini indicators get a Sickboyz treatment.

The brakes are by Harrison Billet, who at the time did not manufacture parts for the Bonneville’s and the paint by Stigs Custom Paints situated all of a few sheds away from Sickboyz. The bars are neatly wrapped in leather and the new owner obviously likes mud and wet as there is a minimal rear guard and no front, on the day of shooting this could have been fun with the depth of slimy mud around the farm which sadly stopped us playing. If anything on the bike I would change would be a classic alloy guard, but only as I ride though too many wet days. For practicality the seat is built to ride rather than a clench and try not to fall off.

I look forward to seeing lots more builds coming out of the farm.