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As seen in issue 254 of 100% Biker

In this day and age its not unusual for events to merge especially car and bike events, usually bikes sneak in on car shows, but in an unusual twist the P and D bike show now has added classic car show which although cool have far too many wheels.

There had been a real buzz about this event for weeks before with lots of comments like, see you at P and D’s, which on one of the busiest days in the bike calendar for the south east really showed how much this event is thought of despite a few damp years.

Along with a few stalls and a much needed in this heat ice-cream van, it was almost a village fete, only needed a Jam making competitions, which I know would have brought our illustrious editor racing down for.

Yes, you did read correctly heat after a few mixed weeks we were treated to a mini heatwave and although too early to call it an Indian summer, it also managed a huge ride in of classic Indian motorcycles. There were also lots of other club runs there, being a free show, with donations to charity, it certainly was a destination to head for.

With most of the available shade around the edge of the cricket green designated as bike park, the bike park was rammed with bikes and bikers cooling off, well apart from my mate Ryan who decided to turn a nice shade of lobster while standing in full sun.

But venture further onto the field, closer to the beer and music and you found the custom show. while I knew there were many worthy entrants around the field the bikes in the show were a cracking selection of bikes and styles ranging from long necked scooters, to classic style BSA chops, to Suzuki cafe racers, let’s just say I was glad I wasn’t judging. I was also glad I wasn’t working on the bar or the BBQ either as the queues were huge and soft drinks ran out fast.

I was asked by a mate which bike I would ride home, and after a seconds head scratching it would have to be the BSA LCS2 as it is just spot on (although I had a soft spot for LCS1 as well). If it was a bike not in the show it would be the grey and rusty Harley, but only as no cleaning required.

With a large outdoor stage, and lots of bands, also plenty of seating I soon found myself relaxed watching the world go by until the raffle and presentations. The cars only had one trophy which went to a stunning red consul Capri classic. The bikes had a plethora of trophies and I have no idea who got what, apart from Layla getting best paint for her BSA as the master of ceremonies rattled through the registration numbers, and I think even Dave and Chris owners of P and D were lost awaiting owners. Hopefully all winners got their rather smart trophies.

As most bikes and cars made their way home, the music and party carried on into the evening I went off to find a gallon of water.