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As seen in issue 255 of 100% biker

There are a few long standing rallies that are considered staples of the rally calendar. The Tiger MCC Soggy Moggy held at Woodgreen animal shelter being one of them. Now in its 24th year it was high time that I found out more about this rally.

With Tiger MCC being a family orientated party club, I knew this would be good, I also keep bumping into Tigers all over the place, and I had been promising Santa for the last 15 years or, so I would get there, well we don’t want to rush these things now do we and, so I had purchased a ticket as soon as available, old school style cheque book the lot, to seal the deal. I was going.

After a glorious ride through the early autumn colours, plenty of nice big signs showed me the way to the friendliest of welcomes and my bike enthusiastically spotted by one of the tiger cub assistants.

At first view a great sight, bikes and tents everywhere without a car or van visible. This is because they want to keep it traditional and they charge for cars which are then hidden in a separate area. With neatly camping areas and a proper route its superbly laid out. I am very impressed too that between them and the animal shelter they managed to halt road works which was meant to have prevented access that weekend.

Everywhere from the first hello, around the site were lots smiles too and lots of enthusiasm for silly games. These games included moped racing, hungry hippos, beer hunt, trike sled racing, rev off etc. Each of these had prizes and then there were prizes for the bike show, I have to say I loved the learner rat bikes brolly, and the BSA as best brit. While its always difficult to have a bike show at a rally as the bikes must transport you and rally gear there, there were some interesting bikes and trikes in the rows, and as ever as many again on the rally field. All keenly commentated on by Jim on the tannoy. And If you stood still for too long though some of the tiger cubs would soon be prising any money out of your pocket though for the raffle with all funds going towards the animal shelter.

And for the first time this year at an event cake, we like cake, at not just one but two stalls and I am sorry to the stall with cake slices the fresh mini doughnuts won especially with coffee. With it being the first proper autumnal weekend of the year as the afternoons drew to a close it did start to get chilly and space in the marquees became a challenge, especially on Saturday with the fancy dress contest which brought some interesting views, I’m sure the sight of a dinosaur tattoo on a hairy bottom under a star trek dress will traumatise many for years to come.

Amongst other prizes were long distance with the girl’s award going to Cornwall and the guys to the Netherlands, such is the draw of this event. Next year will be the 25th Soggy Moggy and I am sure big things are already planned.  The one apology from the club was the size of the Marquee as they had been let down by a supplier, so are on the hunt for next year already.

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