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Ultimateaddons mobile phone holder

Now most of you will know I often take, shall we say alternative routes to find events, or indeed windmills. This can be fun and enjoyable on sunny days, but often when I need to be in places at a certain time this can be a pain.

After a recent trip to the Netherlands where my brother used a generic phone holder to use his mobile I pondered on the use of something similar but never got round to it and wasn’t overly keen on the generic holders which never looked very secure.

It was then I received a call from the Ultimateaddons team to have a look at their holders at the NEC bike show which are phone specific. The team were super-efficient, and very knowledgeable in the type of bike and the fixing I would require for my bike.

There are several type of fittings including a universal strap, or for more permanent fixing a U-bolt clamp (which I was impressed comes with various lengths and a spanner), mirror, fork stem, or yolk fitting.

To this fitting you then attach the phone baseplate, which you can swivel and lock to a suitable potion, and the phone case locks to this. In total about 5 minutes work for the permanent fitting a lot less for the strap one.

Being unsure how I would get on with the system , I tried the strap fitting first. Your phone snaps tightly into the bespoke case and it is still easy to use command buttons and use the screen. The clips certainly seem very solid and secure, there is also an access point for cables etc. There is also a decent window at the rear so your mobiles camera could also be used without remving the case.

This case then secures to the mount using a three-pronged fitting. Once you have the hang of this it is easy, but I do suggest practicing off the bike first. And it is not so easy with winter gloves.

Its pleasing to see also a wrist/security strap on the case, this I linked round the handlebars as a added measure for my own peace of mind. Positioning the screen in a portrait position I set my destination and we went for its maiden run.

Despite the best potholes and ruts that the UK roads could find the unit stays firm and secure, and although my bike handlebars do vibrate, it seemed solid secure and easy to read. Upping the volume I could also hear the commands clearly too. As with any mobile though direct sunlight can affect vision of the screen due to glare, but thankfully the audio means you do not have to stare at the screen and a bit more practice in positioning will probably reduce glare.

I was worried at first it would be a distraction, but I soon got the hang of it sitting there and was enjoying having not to stop to check where I was going, and I reached my destination easily.

As the phone holder is a bit bulky for putting in your pocket thankfully the phone unclips easily from the holder, and it could be left on the bike, but I detached and dropped in my bag. This is where I also found the green colour useful when looking for the holder afterwards.

Being so impressed with the usefulness of the holder, I mounted the u bolt clamp to my bike on return, I have sorted out charging the phone on rides and look forward to more adventures in the summer.

But I am sure I still have plenty of opportunity for getting lost.

 Pricewise is comparable with many others, I like the fact this is an all over case, they state it is waterproof, but I am not going to try dunking my phone in a bucket to find out.

As well as phone holders for most phones there are also mounts for action cams available.  

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