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As seen in issue 251 of 100% Biker

As if I need an excuse to head to Rye, Windmill, and Fish and Chips there’s even a café called Bosuns Bites (I don’t) but I have yet to try it.

But being Saturday 22th June (yes it’s a new style of date exclusively for people of Rye) it must be time for V Twin Custom motorcycles party which is even more of a reason to head down.

Established in 2005, Nick has built up a great reputation for his work including dyno tuning on all types of v twin motorcycles being one of the clever sorts who can work on all era of bikes and has many loyal customers. He also turns out some neat customs too so it was going to be good.

now my wife hearing of the chance for fish and chip  and an ice cream said, let's make it a day out, so on a blistering hot day  and headed down all incognito like. well if incognito is Hawaiian shirt and shorts for me , I do believe there are still a few traumatised people who witnessed this ensemble.

The place was literally jumping when we got there with Gypsy John cranking out tunes on the record deck and a band playing too. Folk were definitely settling in to a relaxed afternoon. The whole area around the estate was filled with a variety of bikes and trikes too, including a large selection from the boys of the  NCC Sussex, V8's are obviously de rigour these days.

so music, bands, beers, bikes and a few stalls, it was just fab. up on the ramps you could tell how busy they were with some interesting new builds on the way, but it's not  just chops they build, though they do make nice bikes, but servicing, tuning and recommissioning of older bikes. in the small shop too was an interesting selection of engines almost showing the heritage of Harley Davidsons V Twins.

One of my favourite bikes of the day was not a v twin though but a sweet little triumph chop with a Alice in wonderland theme, just glorious. My Wife though was drawn to the trikes and the rattier the better.

yes a perfect way to spend an afternoon, and yes we followed it with fish and chips in the shadow of the windmill.