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Along with cameras and watches you can never have too many bags, and for days when travelling light the Viking medium bag is a neat addition to the collection.

A very reasonable price at £53 (a similar sized Harley Davidson Bag is about £150) made of cordura and has a rigid construction and it comes securely packed and with all necessary straps to easily attach to your sissy bar. With straps as well for securing under any rack.

With only a narrow backrest and rack the wide securing strap seemed a little loose at first but once I rejigged the straps under the rack its very secure. I checked the straps after the first journey and there was no noticeable movement, but I have had to find a way to neatly tuck the loose strap ends away, this is possibly down to my narrow rack.

I think the bag looks neat on the back of my bike, as it’s not too big, and fits neatly within the width of the bike, it is classified as medium which seems about right. I am also pleased that there are no obtrusive studs, Conchos or logos as on other bags the logo being quite subtle. The main internal space can be expanded, but I haven’t done this yet, but it is perfect for waterproofs, lock, lunch and camera there are some interior net pockets as well one of which I have placed the spare straps and waterproof cover into.

The zips can be locked with a small padlock (not supplied) seem strong and it would be easy enough with a bicycle type lock to secure the bag to the rack if required. However, there is a useful shoulder strap to carry it if you want, the empty bag weighs about 4lb empty.

There were no complaints from my pillion about the strap around the backrest and no issues with swinging leg over either which was good news.  

You remember I mentioned a waterproof cover, well the bag is water resistant as we found when caught in a major rain storm without putting the cover on. The items in the bag were still dry but I am not sure that travelling for much further it would have survived in such a deluge. (I’m not planning on testing this out any day soon as took so long for me to dry out)

It certainly is a great day bag for one for a short stay or two as a day bag and a great addition to my bikes luggage.   

Dimensions: 10" x 15" x 10"

Lid Opening: 8" x 9"

Storage Capcity: 184.50 Cubic Inches

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