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There are also several  albums for local meets


Sadly regulations stop play


Happy Birthday Doris

Roadmap Out


Sadly so unexciting I washed the bike


Easter Rides

14 April Boxhill

Birthday weekend

Alton Station Cafe Bike Night 21 April

April 23 and 25 Rykas

Various Car Clubs

Guildford Harley and Attitude Cycles

Pinewood Bike night April 27


Earlswood lakes 2 May

Boxhill 2 May

Ashford Classic Bike Jumble

Rykas 9 May

Abandoned Route 66

Avon Cobra Chrome Tyre review

Alton Bike Night 12 May

OGRI Exhibition

Kickback Cheltenham

Alton Bike Night 26 May

Petrol Head Meet 30 May

Boxhill Sun 30 May

Boxhill Monday 31 May


VMCC Social meet 1 June

Down the Plough 2021

Bigknock 2021

London to Brighton Classic car run

Knoxbridge AFB Charity Night

Guildford Harleydavidson 12 June

4 Cafes ride


Newlands Corner

Krispey Kreme 20 June

"The Drink" 22 June

Loomies and Alton 23 June

Motorcycle Madness

Oddballs Meet

Earlswood lakes meet


Surrey and Sussex

Hayling Island Bike Night 8 July

Chalet Cafe, Torque Moto Cafe and Rykas

Pinewood Bike Night 13 July

Kempton Auto Jumble 17 July

GHD Newlands  and Rykas

13 Counties Fair

Vincent Owners Club Meet

Toat Cafe Bike night

Triumph Cars at Selsey arms

Innit to Winnit 5

Show us your Ride 2021


Brooklands VMCC August Meet

West Sussex TOMCC no show show

Compton Bike Night 11 Aug

Minotaur Brotherhood Monster Bash

Rye Hotrod and Bike Night 18 Aug

Redhill Cruise 2

Boxhill 22 Aug

Eastbourne Bike Night 25 Aug


Chopper Street Social

P and D Custom Show


Compton Bike Night 1Sept

Ace Cafe Brighton burn up

The Plough Post ace party

Pinewood bike Night 7 Sept

Kings Arms Billingshurst bike night

Rykas 12 Sept

Bagshot Breakfast Meet

Krispey kreme 19 Sept

Rykas 19 Sept

Savages MC Custom Bike and Hotrod show 2021

Billingshurst Bike Night 22 Sept

Ride of the Ruperts 2021


Pioneer Run 2021

Mists and Mithargo

Rykas 16 and 17 Oct

Rykas and Newlands 23 Oct

Mono Motorcycles Breakfast Meet

Bosuns Halloween Bike Meet



Minotaur Brotherhood Anniversary party

LBVCR 2021

Rykas 7 Nov

Bikers Remembrance Shoreham

Biggin hill Road safety day

Henry Cole at Brooklands

Boxhill and Billingshurst

Golden lions Toy run 2021

Motorcycle Live 2021

Rykas 13 December

Krispey Kreme and Billingshurst

Boxingday meet Compton

Review of 2021