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So here we are after 5 years of ownership and 26000 miles, the second full tyre change

I used to think 10K for a rear and 18K for a front but with the way tyre technology has improved I now find tyres do wear faster, but do give a more secure feel, as I also ride very uprght this soon squares tyres off .

So far I have had the original Harley Dunlop tyres which were good but as they wore would white line badly  and a randomly replaced front tyre after an incident then put out the matching.

I then won a pair of Michelin Scorchers  in a charity auction, which I changed as a pair (keeping the front as only had a 1000 miles on it ) these were great and a real improvement over the originals but wore quite fast especially on the rear. I also found them very sensitive to Tyre pressures and had to check a lot.

So the rear was replaced and then about 6 months later the old front put back on but it was not a good match and cornering was interesting.

During my MOT I was informed that now it was time for a new front , and with the tyres having done a lot of sitting around time to bite the bullet for a pair

A bit of looking around and a few questions and decision was made to try a pair of Avon Cobra Chromes, the pricing seemed good and all comments were positive. I was also a fan of avons and had them on most bikes until I started on the larger V Twins.

Guildford Tyres managed to find a pair to match , it appears finding any pairs at the moment is a challenge, and a date booked in, it then snowed on the morning of collecting, oh great but thankfully not enough to settle on the road. A cautious  ride over and I was a little late, but thankfully the guys fitted me in and in no time had new tyres, the fitting price to a ride in bie was good too.

It has to be said the ride home was a revelation, though it normally is when very new and old tyres are shot, told to take it gentle for a 100 miles I did, especially on braking but already felt so much better.

Even on the first day the strangely cambered roundabout near my home seemed easier to navigate, and the bends through the Surrey hills seems to be easier.

With the tyre pattern as no central groove there is no white lining, and with more tread on shoulders there is far more confidence in corners.

4 weeks and 800 miles on how do I feel about them, it has to be said this is one of the best choices I have ever made, they suit my riding a treat.

I think I may have to adapt my riding a little to ensure they do not square off too much so maybe less motorways.

I was concerned that with no tread in centre in the wet it wouldn’t be as good, but the bit of rain I have encountered hasn’t worried them, I shall see how they go in the winter

These are looking as though these may be the tyres for my style, although the Dunlops and Michelin were good, these do instil more confidence and at a good price.