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As Published in Issue 483 of Back street Heroes

As much as we don’t like to think of there being a “riding” season , over the last few years Beakys Harley Boot Fair for many has become the start of the main riding and event season. A good reason to go out meet folk you haven’t seen over what seems an eternity and also rummage for trinkets in the auto jumble.  

I know now there are other specific Harley boot sales now, but this certainly must be longest running specific in the UK. With Beaky also being a stalwart of the National Chopper Club it also brings out many members of that fine establishment often on new builds, and many others. One of the nicest was a lovely Knuckle head which looked useable

With the spring flowers out lifting spirits after the greyest and wettest ever winter, and the promise of a great day ahead, I headed to Dorking far too early. This getting up silly early was probably a warning sign for how the morning was to go for me but more of that later, believe me it’s not exciting. As always it took ages to reach the sale as I kept bumping into people I’ve not seen in some time, but good to catch up on news, such as Mat who has built another  lovely bike but now not sure he wants to ride it. And Nick who was extolling the virtues of his new psychobilly band.

The meet was already in full flow as many eager for bargains made an early visit. There is always a great mix of vendors, and it seems you can buy bits from early 1900 up to present day. These random items included a 30-year-old packet of Harley cigarettes which Luke found, yes how Harley Marketing changed, Luke tried these but apparently, they didn’t age well. I am always amazed at the number of original bikes that seem to be unearthed from barns and similar which  seem to be ridden in or for sale, including a trio of two stroke Harleys and a very usable AJS.

Although predominately for Harleys there is always a good variety of vendors and visitor as, both local and from abroad. For one morning this peaceful corner of surrey is petrolhead heaven. Its also brilliantly positioned to then ride onto many of the souths well known bike haunts. And many local groups seemed to be using it as a start or middle of a ride destination. With the tail end of one the named storms still around it was fun watching the guys on the gate chasing the barriers around. This breeze also managed to catch my coat and burst the zip. So I was then half in and out for rest of morning.

Now I didn’t need to do any shopping which is always a good thing, but it never hurts to browse does it, thankfully my bank account was saved this time. Possibly just as well as my camera lens made a break for freedom from my camera exploding on the floor so now its lens and coat shopping oh well.

Not for sale but bike of the morning for me was a lovely blue pre unit Triumph chop sitting quietly outside.  

Bosun tart to the season nice to meet lots of friends on a blustery morning