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Happy Birthday Doris

Or should we saw Happy Doris Day its kind of crept up as a surprise due to current situation, and sadly I do not think I will get out for the traditional birthday ride due to the same, even though weatherman says it will be a perfect day.(though the urge may get too strong)

So if you cast your mind back a few years you will recall I brought “Doris” on a whim when I was looking at a sportster, and 5 years and 25000 miles later I am so happy on my choice. I m sure if situation was different I would be over 30000 by now.

With hardly any issues apart from some known Dyna issues around electrics for brake light and dash lights. Oh and you really do need to check on tyre pressures as it does make a difference. I am a happy bunny.

The low height and handling is as good as I will ever need, once a comfy seat was put on its happy for a 300-mile day, and as I have kept standard its also quite frugal for these trips. And as a bit of an oddity in the UK  it often gets comments about “what model is that”

I love the way I can change from touring to naked in just a few moments and have ridden most combinations. One thing I have found is don’t trust the fuel gauge as does show emptyish before it is, but I wouldn’t like to brave ignoring it too much.

i am looking forward to many more adventures this year and hopefully a few more long trips, enjoy a few memories.