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As published in issue 456 of Back Street Heroes

I believe it was Samuel Pepys who once said “an English summer is three days of sunshine and a thunderstorm”. All week the doom mongers on the telly box had threatened on flooding etc, but the guys at the NCC Sussex poo pooed such thoughts.

So while all around were getting moist, in like the films where villages are under a protective dome, so the sun shone, and shone, on the Bull at Boreham Street Sussex, and like a muppet I forgot the sun tan protection.

Now in the 5th year this event goes from strength to strength, even with so many other events on in a packed and compressed diary with Chopper Club members coming from all over the country. There were lots on friends I haven’t seen in ages, and the most amazing trophies made from carved pistons.  

I can never remember the name of the rock and roll trio who play through the afternoon, but they have become a tradition and suit the event so well. This year as well as the pub food, there was a bbq and cheese toasties from a horsebox which were ace.

The field also had the usual mix of bikes though I thought slightly less brits and rat bikes than usual, the winner of best brit was a flat track triumph, and rat bike was Bilgerat. There was a solo scooter, in the most stunning red, which won best paint.

Bike of the day for me was the stunning Suzuki savage in the steam punk style, which String from Raw Steel Choppers had, had a hand in, it won best engineering. There were so many neat touches to it, and looked just the right size for me. Now as my good lady was with us at this show, the plethora of Triumph Rockets kept her busy, but despite the puppy dog eyes, they will stay a dream for her, unless lottery comes in. Being Chopper Club there were a variety of engines in chops and several large jap 4 chops as they really are used and abused.

The land lord who always gets so excited about seeing us all (and keeps a nice pint) gives out his own prize this was won by Matt on his stunning Slinky Bint Sportster. Now Matt always rides with as little as possible, and no carrying facility on his bike, so I have no idea how he got the lamp home.

Best Club bike had come from Dorset and being Sussex the winning trike was of course a V8 monster. Best streetfighter was a very purposeful black and white Bandit which oozed speed standing still. Best Hotrod went to a silver and red chevy truck, best chopper a silver and blue sportster which was a lockdown rebuild after an accident. And finally, best in show went to a long girder forked Harley.

For me the bike I would have loved to have owned, even though I loved the savage was a small 350 twin chop which to me just looked so much fun.

As the presentations ended, and me steadily turning lobster it was time to head home, as the chopper club guys partied into the night. On returning home we found out we had missed localised flooding and hail. A perfect way to spend a day out.