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As seen in issue 449 of Back Street Heroes

With the way may has been so grey, the one thing to bring some sunshine into our lives is the promise of a bike show, and Kickback at that.

The brainchild of Lorne, Kickback has always had an eclectic mix of all things two wheeled that are customised. And has been held at some interesting venues, this year returning to the rather splendid Cheltenham Town Hall. Here you could find something motorcycle related in all rooms and corridors including the cafeteria.

As ever you with any event the bike park outside kept me busy for a while, as it was the same day as Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride there were some rather dapper visitors also.

Yes, there were still some restrictions in place to help combat the dreaded lurgi, but the splitting of tickets into morning and afternoon really worked well, as it balanced out the numbers and gave a good chance to study the bikes, and also kept the queues down for coffee.  A one-way system also meant occasional moments of clear space for those of us who love taking photos.  Despite most wearing masks the smiles shone out, and I have never seen an organiser of an event look as bouncy and upbeat as Lorne especially knowing they had been having a rather good pre event drink the night before.

With it being so long since the last big show this really was a fabulous season opener and the variation of bikes was incredible. From a Honda cub with a 200cc two stroke engine to a Honda Goldwing Café Racer. There was a trio of Yam XS650s including April’s bike which was only completed the day before. Flat trackers, high bar chops and also, a turbo Nimbus called Sweet Pea.

Certainly, diversity was the name of the game, and for this was also the same for colours as it ranged from rusty through Black to vibrant pinks. There was also a small area selling goods and all seemed to be doing a steady trade.

There were 20 trophies to be won all sponsored by Hard Up Choppers and Lamb Engineering and then given out by the judges to various bikes with no specific order. It was madness in the presentation but fun as Paul and Layla dashed around sticking cups Infront beside of on winning bikes. There were also two specialised cups for young builders which went to Shiny and Country Customs.

Trying to keep track of all the winners, it includes two of the XS650,s including Aprils, the rather tidy RD350, the swoopy billet twin cam. Carter from Attitude Cycles black V Rod, the Dnieper, Goldwing Café racer and the triton.

Of all the bikes there the one I would have wanted was the triumph, BSA, AJS mix with fire extinguisher parts and wicked spiked pike nuts (as my shins can confirm) though sadly I don’t think it won anything.

It really was the best way to cheer up a very grey may, and fabulous to bump into some friends I haven’t seen in 18 months.

A huge well done to all the team and staff at the venue for a great show, a brilliant way to bring some normality in a cold strange year.

Plans are already underway for further Kick Back shows, keep an eye on their website for further dates, drop everything and go. You won’t be disappointed.


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