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A year of vespa ownership

Wow a year of scooter ownership already, and I’m glad to say it’s been a good experience. In a way I wish I had done it earlier; most know it was an itch I had to scratch as have wanted one for 40+ years. So an impulse buy with a bit of insurance payout found me the proud owner of a 2018 Vespa GTS 300 touring model. She was soon named Po, as she is red with a cute bottom.

Although at first, I thought a bit tall, well the Harley was so low, I soon got the hang of it. Being an automatic has also been different and I still look for gears sometimes, but its so impressive how it picks up and goes for the 278cc engine. You soon have total trust in cornering and the brakes are ace and can surprise people off the line.

Meaning to be a sister bike to the Harley , After Doris the Harley got the hump and irregular starting, she was sold and Po was raised to number 1 form of transport.

It has been fun also finding different events with other scooter clubs and I hope to continue mixing and matching events. As you know I’ve always liked to mix and match styles being a lover of most things on wheels.

With my current condition it has been a godsend being light and automatic, and I still managed to do nearly 3000 miles in a year, despite the weather. She will never be a mega distance bike, not that she can’t do it, as many folk do but I’m happy for her to be a day ride.

The “pet carrier” under the seat is dead handy for cameras, walking sticks and the like and she is certainly frugal on fuel. Service costs are fab too, not knowing history I treated her to a full-service including tyres and belts, and was not forced to sell a kidney. The belt and tyres certainly have given the bike a new lease of life, I would tell most people if thinking the 300 is not for them to ensure its serviced.

A fun year and I am hopeful for more miles to come. She is already used to finding windmills and ice creams.

Happy days