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Bikers Ride for Action on Addiction

Article in issue 224 of 100% Biker

There is a phrase that the best laid plans have never been thought of over a nice cup of tea and a cucumber sandwich, if I had have been drinking tea I would not have found myself getting up almost before I got into bed. In fact with the clocks changing the week before it was dark very dark, I fell over the cat oh great a perfect start to the day. But the day promised a good ride so  i found my boots and headed off southish.

So why was I up so early; well one Friday night around Christmas time sitting in the pub after a fine works do  I saw an event called Ride for Action on Addiction from Weymouth to Exmouth pop up on my phone, “That sounds a plan I can go to my brothers and have an ice=cream from that ace kiosk on the seafront” I thought and clicked going. The next morning realisation hit me that it is a hundred and thirty mile ride to the start and that it was in early April also the fact I prefer riding solo rather than in groups. Oh well done it now and a Bosun doesn't cancel things often .also someone else posted he was riding 200 hundred miles to attend so i knew it would be good.

This event was the 3rd ride for Action on Addiction supporting Clouds House an addiction treatment centre in Wiltshire. Like many of us addiction touches our lives, thankfully for me only in the case of motorcycles and cameras but I have had close experience of those struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. The event is organised by John Bramble who sadly lost a son due to addiction in 2009 and he led the ride and was always running around all day .

The route planned being from South Coast Cycles in Weymouth to West Bay and then onto Exmouth. The route taking mainly coastal roads was learner friendly and it has to be said superbly  scenic and the weather superb. The marshalling for a ride of this size was incredible and kept us all tight together very impressive.

The charities colour is pink so most bikes and riders were bedecked somewhere in pink . last year there were around 150 bikes but this year 251 bikes left south coast cycles in Weymouth  and by the time we left west bay there was comfortably over 300 Helmet City and Snack Shack in West bay did a good of raising even more funds and providing refreshment.

The final call was Exmouth seafront  passing on the way one of my favourite named roads "Inner Ting Tong" and as the sun was out so was the ice cream kiosk superb.    

In 2016 the ride raised £3,369. The day after this year's run the total was at £4942 and rising very impressive well done all

Two albums  one from Weymouth one from Westbay and exmouth